Gurdeep Mechanical Works
An ISO 9001:2008
Certified company
Offering Complete

Steel Rolling Mill Plant & Allied Machinery such as Billet Shearing Machine,

Rotary Shearing Machine, V-Belt Pulley,

Fly Wheel, Strip Plant, TMT Plant,

Wire Road Mill, EOT Crane,
Workshop Machinery, etc.


At Gurdeep Mechanical Works, we understand the importance of quality and the long way it goes in establishing a company as a reliable brand and hence have adopted stringent practices and procedures to deliver superior quality machines.

Another major asset to our sophisticated production facilities is our team of highly skilled and experienced engineers, who are committed to deliver quality and high performance products. All our professionals are well trained in their job and understand the latest production techniques and the requirements of our customers.
We procure our raw material only from reliable sources and the quality is rigorously checked at different stages of production and supply. We have sophisticated testing machines and equipment, which ensure that only high performance and zero-defect products reaches our customers.

We take special care in making the business process simpler to give our clients a pleasant and hassle free experience of doing business with us. Prime emphasis is given to trust, respect and transparency in our relationship with clients to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

Why Us?:

Some of our specialties that make us prefers business partner to work with are:
• Long experience
• Extensive industry knowledge
• Superior quality products
• A design solution to a design problem
• Proven record of timely supplies
• Large as well as small orders
• Competitive prices

Rolling Mill Plants
TMT Bar Rolling Mill Plant
Structure Rolling Mill Plant
Wire Rod Rolling Mill Plant
Aluminium/Copper Wire Rolling Mill Plant
Mill Stand
Fibre Type Mill Stand
Bearing Type Mill Stand
Vertical Stand
Straightening Machines
Straightening Machine
Gear Boxes
Reduction Gear Box
Pinion Gear Box
Reduction Cum Pinion Gear Box
Gear Set
Gear Coupling
Roller Conveyor
Roller Table
Y Table
Shearing Machine
Billet Shearing Machine
Scrap Shearing Machine
Hot Shearing Machine
Cold Shearing Machine
Rotary Shearing Machine
Flying Shearing Machine
Snap Shearing Machine
Material Handling Equipments
EOT Crane
TMT Rolling Mill Equipment
Universal Coupling
Universal Spindle
Universal Joint Shaft
Bearing Choke
Twin Channel
TMT Quenching Box
Guide Roll Boxes
Pinch Roll
DC/AC Electrical Panel
Automatic Rack Type Cooling Bed
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