Gurdeep Mechanical Works
An ISO 9001:2008
Certified company
Offering Complete

Steel Rolling Mill Plant & Allied Machinery such as Billet Shearing Machine,

Rotary Shearing Machine, V-Belt Pulley,

Fly Wheel, Strip Plant, TMT Plant,

Wire Road Mill, EOT Crane,
Workshop Machinery, etc.

Pinion Gear Box

We offer accurately machined pinion gear box, pinion gearboxes for use in Roughing, Intermediate Mill & Finishing Mill trains. These pinions have hardened and tempered for smooth operation of the machine. The pinion gearbox is caged in a sturdy fabricated steel housing to cover the risk of any breakage. Available in 2Hi / 3Hi configurations, our pinion stands can bear excess load that results during speed rolling.
• Available in 3 Hi or 2 Hi configuration suitable for 6" to 30" PCD mills
• Accurately machined, totally enclosed and oil tight
• Sufficient lubrication system with dust proof casing
• Increased power density
Rolling Mill Plants
TMT Bar Rolling Mill Plant
Structure Rolling Mill Plant
Wire Rod Rolling Mill Plant
Aluminium/Copper Wire Rolling Mill Plant
Mill Stand
Fibre Type Mill Stand
Bearing Type Mill Stand
Vertical Stand
Straightening Machines
Straightening Machine
Gear Boxes
Reduction Gear Box
Pinion Gear Box
Reduction Cum Pinion Gear Box
Gear Set
Gear Coupling
Roller Conveyor
Roller Table
Y Table
Shearing Machine
Billet Shearing Machine
Scrap Shearing Machine
Hot Shearing Machine
Cold Shearing Machine
Rotary Shearing Machine
Flying Shearing Machine
Snap Shearing Machine
Material Handling Equipments
EOT Crane
TMT Rolling Mill Equipment
Universal Coupling
Universal Spindle
Universal Joint Shaft
Bearing Choke
Twin Channel
TMT Quenching Box
Guide Roll Boxes
Pinch Roll
DC/AC Electrical Panel
Automatic Rack Type Cooling Bed
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